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Tito Vilanova: Més Que Un Entrenador

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A tribute to the late Tito Vilanova

David Ramos

In the world of football, Tito Vilanova made his name as a successful assistant coach for one of the game’s most successful sides, eventually progressing to take the top job where he presided over the single greatest La Liga campaign in history.

While Pep Guardiola was the face of FC Barcelona’s unprecedented success, there were many who perceived Tito to be the mastermind behind it all. His knowledge was unquestionable, his faith unwavering and his dedication inspirational. Yet for all his accomplishments on the touchline, it’s fitting that Tito Vilanova will be remembered as far more than just another manager.

Tito Vilanova was a role model. Tito Vilanova was a fighter. Tito Vilanova was an inspiration for each and every one of us.

In fact, inspiration is an understatement.

The strength and perseverance that Tito displayed in the face of the greatest adversity that a human being can possibly face...there isn’t a word strong enough to describe his bravery. To fight that battle once is enough, to stand up and fight for a second I said, words can’t do him justice.

What’s more, despite his success Vilanova always stayed true to his roots. Tito was modest, soft-spoken, always humble; and while he may be gone, his spirit, his legacy and his legend are eternal.

Thank you Tito, for everything.