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Barcelona "Do it for Tito" Vilanova Against Villarreal

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The league is not lost yet after Barcelona's improbable comeback victory.

David Ramos

2-0 down in the second half, away against one of the better teams in the league.

That described Barcelona against Villarreal today, but it also described the match against Sevilla last year under Tito Vilanova.

He was foremost in the team's mind today, surely. Tito died this week after a prolonged fight with cancer.

And just like that time at the Sanchez Pizjuan Stadium, Barcelona improbably pulled off the feat: a 3-2 comeback win.

In both games, Barcelona conceded one goal in the first half and one early in the second.

Barca's first two goals today were fortuitous to say the least. The first took seemingly an endless amount of deflections before sneaking past goalkeeper Sergio Asenjo.

The second came from a hopeless Dani Alves heave into the box, which Mateo Musacchio charitably put into his own net despite no Barcelona player available to attack the ball.

A cool Cesc Fabregas assist teed up but who else but Lionel Messi to seal the comeback.

Andres Iniesta admitted the team was "suffering", and were aware Tito's family was suffering even more. When asked if the win was for Tito, Iniesta confirmed they dedicated the win to him. "It's a small thing, but if it can help..." he said.

It was reminiscent of many matches under Tito. In the best days of that era, the players fed on his indomitable fighting spirit. This comeback was typical of that.

That season, there was another comeback in the league against Sevilla, 2-1, again Messi finishing the job. A 10-man Barcelona flipped the score on Atletico Madrid, 2-1 again.

Similar things happened in the Champions League. Against Spartak Moscow, Messi scored a brace in the last 20 minutes to secure a 3-2 win. Jordi Alba scored with the last kick of the game to win 2-1 against Celtic. And who can forget Pedro's strike, with an injured Lionel Messi an instrumental decoy, to take down Paris Saint-Germain with less than 20 minutes left?

This comeback was reminiscent of that. The team did not quit. Tito never did.

The one difference? This time, they relied a lot more on luck. Who knows, maybe they got a little bit of help from somewhere...?