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La Liga: FC Barcelona vs Real Betis: Predict the Score

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A chance to predict the score of tonight's La Liga clash between reigning champions FC Barcelona and last place Real Betis at the Camp Nou

David Ramos

Top versus bottom. Well, pretty much anyway. This evening's early kick-off at the Camp Nou pits the reigning La Liga champions FC Barcelona against the worst side in the division, Real Betis -- a club steeped in history yet, barring a dramatic turnaround, set to drop back into the Segunda Division for the second time this decade. The situation in Pamplona looks dire; Argentine coach Gabriel Calderon has not been able to turn the side's fortune around since taking charge in January, meaning that for Los Verdiblancos supporters, last season's seventh place finish seems like a lifetime ago.

There are bright spots. Their squad is talented and probably isn't the worst in La Liga. The club's supporters are excellent, while Ruben Castro continues to thrive in attack, despite spending a large portion of this season on the sidelines. With him fit, they might not have been in this position, but well, here we are -- and it's going to take a lot more than a talented squad backed by a vocal fanbase to defeat this Barcelona outfit at the Camp Nou. Maybe the timing of the match will encourage Betis; although in truth, it probably shouldn't.

Barcelona will be keen to get this match won as early as possible, and still possess the starpower to do just that. That's in spite of the injuries, in spite of any rotations; hell, we could probably send Lionel Messi out onto the field with 10 members from the B team and still be reasonably confident of victory here at home. With that in mind, what will the regular squad manage against Betis? Predict the score of this afternoon's match by commenting with your prediction below. Best of luck!