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UEFA Champions League: Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid: Live Open Thread

A live open thread for tonight's UEFA Champions League final between Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid, as Los Blancos chase La Decima

Laurence Griffiths

Hands up if you are rooting for Real Madrid to lift the UEFA Champions League trophy tonight? Yeah, I didn't think so. For one night only, Catalunya will discard their usual blue-and-red jerseys; the Senyeras will be left in a closet -- and the city of Barcelona will be united in red-and-white. Everyone behind Atletico Madrid as they look to deny Real Madrid La Decima. Everyone behind Atleti as they look to complete an unthinkable double.

And at this stage, who would bet against them? Even with the La Liga title drifting away from them last weekend, Atleti never stopped fighting, never stopped believing and upon hearing the final whistle at the Camp Nou, they were applauded off as champions. They deserved it. They lived for it, and ultimately, no-one could begrudge them their success. From Diego Simeone to Diego Costa. From Gabi to Koke. Every single one of the players, managers, coaches -- everyone involved with the club had earned that success.

Real Madrid on the other hand have hardly even tried to earn it. Even their best players, the ones who have guided them to this final, have they really earned their success? The truth is that they've felt entitled to it. This infamous quest for La Decima -- it reeks of arrogance. They might be the most successful club in history, but they still feel as though they deserve more. As if the universe owes it to them, as they if they have earned this success, when the truth is that they've repeatedly done nothing of the sort -- instead they have become reliant on tipping the scales in their own favour.

So, for one night only, we stand united behind Atletico Madrid. Do it for FC Barcelona, do it for football -- and above all, do it for yourselves.

You deserve it.

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