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Gonzalo Higuaín, on Barça rumours: 'It would be a pleasure to play at Barcelona'

Afer some shocking news that broke this Sunday about Gonzalo Higuaín being close to signing with Barcelona, he was asked about it. And he loved it

Matthias Hangst

This Sunday, we reported somewhat shocking news here, about Gonzalo Higuaín signing with FC Barcelona. Now it's time for some developments.

Since our friend -- and sometimes enemy -- internet is so quick, the news about Higuaín immediately reached Brazil, most specifically, Maracanã Stadium, where Argentina was playing Bosnia in their World Cup debut. Higuaín played the entire second half, and helped his team to get a 2-0 win.

After the game, during the interviews, our beloved reporters didn't even care about the game, as they asked those questions to Messi, Mascherano and others. The theme of the conversations with Higuaín was, of course, Barcelona. He was asked if the rumours were true, and if he felt good about having Messi as his potential teammate.

"Yes, why not? We're having a great time here at the national team. It would be obviously a huge pleasure to play with him, but my head is now only in the World Cup."

"I'm content with the Barça interest. It feels great. It would feel great to any player. It would be a enormous pleasure to play with Messi at Barcelona. But again, my focus is only in the Cup and doing our best here".

Well, it's not like he denied it or felt bad about it. I don't know about you guys, but I read it and it seems to me that this is a very happy Higuaín. What do you think?

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