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Real Madrid makes 57.4 million in Champions League; FC Barcelona ranks Eighth

The UEFA Champions League champions Real Madrid made a lot of money for winning the tournament. Barça got a little richer, too

David Ramos

It turns out that winning the UEFA Champions League not only gives you a trophy with two big ears. It also gives you TONS of money.

UEFA has released on Wednesday the ammount of revenue generated by the 32 clubs involved in the tournament for the 2013-14 season, and not surprisingly, the champs made the most money. Real Madrid, winners of their tenth UCL trophy, received a total of 57.4 million euros, for their record in the group stage, national and international TV and publicity deals (known as "market pool") and, of course, a 10.5 million bonus for winning 'La Décima'.

In second on the list comes Paris Saint-Germain, despite being knocked out on the quarterfinal. They made 54.4 million, 34 of them coming from the 'market pool', the most TV money of any of the 32 teams who played the UCL. That can be atributed to PSG being the most popular team from France on the tournament, since Olympique Marseille doesn't have the same star-power and media coverage.

FC Barcelona, knocked out by Atletico Madrid in the quarterfinal, ranks eighth on the revenue list, making a total of £42 million. Of the Spanish teams competing in the UCL, Barça was the one who made more money out of TV deals (£21M), more than Madrid, Atlético, and Real Sociedad.

Here's the list of the Top 10:

1. Real Madrid (ESP) €57.414.00

2. Paris Saint-Germain (FRA) €54.417.000

3. Atlético Madrid (ESP) €50.048.000

4. Manchester United (ENG) €44.775.000

5. Bayern München (GER) €44.616.000

6. Chelsea FC (ENG) €43.391.000

7. Juventus (ITA) €43.098.000

8. FC Barcelona (ESP) €41.975.000

9. Napoli (ITA) €38.598.000

10. AC Milan (ITA) €37.599.000

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