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Luis Suárez conversation with Andoni Zubizarreta on FC Barcelona Rumours

We try to imagine what a conversation between Luis Suárez and Barça's front office leader Zubi would look like

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Luis Suárez is a work of art. He can be one of the best strikers on the planet when his mind is into it. The problem is figuring out when his mind is going to be into football. Sometimes, even during games, he'll do something that will leave us wondering what the heck does he have in his head. He did it again, this time playing for Uruguay in an important game vs Italy in the World Cup. Until he lost his mind and, well, you know what happened.

Still, even with another showing of imature, childlike behavior, Luisito has been linked with a move to FC Barcelona, who is allegedly offering more than 60 million to Liverpool. We know that's something our own Andoni Zubizarreta would do, right?

So, we tried to imagine what a conversation between Suárez and Zubi would look like...

Zubi: Hello?

Suárez: Oh, hey, is that Zubi?

Zubi: Yes! How are you doing, Luisito?

Suárez: I'm good, getting ready for our match with Italy. You know, big game today.

Zubi: Absolutely! I will definitely watch it. I think it's going to be a nail-biter.

Suárez: Oh, I can assure you something is going to be bit tonight.

Zubi: What do you mean?

Suárez: No, nothing special. By the way, I've been listening to the rumours, and I'm really thankful to hear that you guys are thinking about me.

Zubi: Don't thank me, you deserve it! You know how our track record of going after people we don't really need works, right? You're perfect for us!

Suárez: I'm happy to hear that! You know, I'm just not happy here anymore. I've done a lot here at Liverpool, I'm very hungry and I feel like I need someone to sink my teeth into.

[Silence at the other end...]

Suárez: I mean, something!

Zubi: Okay... Uh... Yeah, we definitely think that you can do great things for us here and we're happy to know that you feel the same way.

Suárez: Yeah, I'm sure I can eat shoulders in La Liga next season. I mean, I think I should win La Liga next season! You know, my English is kind of bad. I'm from Uruguay, LOL

Zubi: Nevermind, I don't understand things half the time (laughs). Anyway, good luck tonight, show me how hungry you are!

Suárez: You got it, Zubi. Thanks a lot!

Zubi: Oh, just one more thing before I forget. Do you play center back?

Suárez: No, I'm a forward.

Zubi: Good. That's exactly what we need. I'll be in touch in a bit. Good luck!

Suárez: All right ...................

This explains a lot, doesn't it?

[Thanks to NoImagination90 for help with this piece]

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