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Gerard Piqué, on Jeremy Mathieu: 'We needed him'

Sure you did.

David Ramos

For the last few years, Gerard Piqué has been Barcelona's only reliable option at center-back. With Carles Puyol limping his way to retirement and Javier Mascherano being forced to play as a CB when he clearly didn't have the size to do it -- even though he was awesome at it --, Piqué was the only true quality option for that position.

Now, Barcelona has finally given him a buddy. It's Jeremy Mathieu. The 30-year-old French defender is Barça's newest acquisition, and the boyfriend of Shakira is very happy with it, as an interview with La Sexta Deportes, a Spanish newspaper, made it clear. He also commented on other topics, like Xavi and Cesc Fábregas:

"We needed someone like him to cover that position. When Mathieu played as a center-back at Valencia, you could tell how good he was at it. I'm extremely happy with the signing. I think that signing makes us a very quality squad, and I'm sure we'll be able to compete. We are candidates to win it all."

"I love that Xavi's staying. There were all these rumors saying he was leaving, but I'm glad it didn't happen that way. I was always confident he would stay. He's a great leader."

"I'm a friend of Cesc Fábregas, and it was tough to see him leave. But I think it's beneficial for both parties. Barça wanted the money, Cesc wanted to feel more important. I'm happy for him, and I wish him the best."

Let's be honest, Piqué. You had no choice but to be happy with Mathieu on the team.

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