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Luis Suárez is Having His Own Pre-Season

With his own coach and everything!

Clive Mason

Luis Suárez is still banned from any football-related activity by FIFA. Even though the case isn't really closed, and there's a remote chance the ban might be cancelled, it's most likely that the Uruguay striker will miss the first two months of Barcelona's season. The ban also prohibits him of training with the club, have any contact with Barça's staff, and so on. Suárez hasn't even been publicly presented yet.

That doesn't stop him from doing his own work. According to reports from Spain, Luisito is doing his own pre-season workouts daily, with a personal trainer who doesn't work with any club and doesn't have any affiliation with Barcelona. It's said that the 27-year-old has been taking care of his body well during this "sabbatical period", watching his diet and exercising regularly. Now, since last Tuesday, he's been doing real football-like workouts, just like he would if he was part of the team now.

Suárez wants to be ready to join the Blaugrana at any moment, as close to 100% as possible. His main focus is physical strength and conditioning, and contacts with the ball are rare, according to the reports.

His ban will be adressed again next month. It remains to be seen whether he will be able to join the team earlier than expected. All Suárez wants is to be ready.

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