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Report: Luis Suárez to FC Barcelona is a Done Deal

The meeting between Barça and Liverpool went well. Luis Suárez is a Blaugrana.

Paul Gilham

We didn't need a soap opera. It's done. No question about it. Luis Suárez is a Blaugrana, sources with knowledge of the situation told Barça Blaugranes.

The rumours started two weeks ago, when we talked about some reports that Suárez was leaving the Premier League to join La Liga, and Barça were the favorites.

So FC Barcelona and Liverpool FC officials met on Wednesday to formally negotiate the signing of the 27-year-old striker. The meeting went reportedly well. After reaching a personal deal with Suárez earlier this week, Barça met with the English side to come to terms on the financial details of the agreement.

Luisito comes to Barcelona for a fee of £58 million, plus several incentives, although other sources set it at around £65-70 million. Suárez will sign a five-year contract that will pay him 10 million per season. His contract will allegedly include an "anti-bite clause". That means that if Suárez has conduct issues, like the incident with Italy's Chiellini, he will be fined and even suspended by Barça according to this special clause.

The official announcement on Suárez's signing is expected to happen within the next five days, as all contract terms and clauses are discussed by all parts. But the deal is done. It's just a matter of time before Barça announces it officially.

Suárez is expected to make his Barcelona debut by November.

Bring the heat, Barça Blaugranes. Is Suárez a good signing?

Updated (07/02/2014) - The negotiation is happening in England, therefore every money conversation has been reported in pounds, not euros, like this story previously stated.

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