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FC Barcelona B Dani Nieto to Join Eibar

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He's finally playing in La Liga.

Stuart Franklin

Dani Nieto, the Barça B winger that joined the team last season from Alcorcón, didn't get his chance on the first squad. So he asked to leave. And he's got his wish.

The 23-year-old has reached an agreement with newest La Liga team Eibar, and will sign a two-year contract. Barça will receive a fee of €185k, and will also get a percentage of Eibar's next negotiation involving Nieto, as Barça Stuff said yesterday:

Dani wanted to play in the First Division, but that opportunity didn't present itself at Barça. His tenure as a Blaugrana was short and not great, but we wish him luck anyway. Just don't score on us, FGS. Otherwise we'll hate you terribly.