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"Thank you, Galo!" - Ronaldinho Makes Farewell Video to Atlético Mineiro


Ronaldinho, one of Barcelona's biggest stars of all time, has recently rescinded his contract, leaving Brazil's Atlético Mineiro. Just like he did as a Blaugrana, Ronnie became one of the team's biggest idols ever. He led Atlético to their most important title: the 2013 Copa Libertadores. He also won the 2013 Minas Gerais State Championship and the 2014 America SuperCup, scoring a total of 27 goals in 85 games.

In the video above, we see a few highlights of his career, along with this message:

"Two years of emotion. We had a lot of titles and wins together. It was beautiful to see you from the pitch, singing, screaming, celebrating, sending me energy in the hardest times, at every play, every dribble, every goal. I will carry it with me forever, with a lot of pride and privilege of wearing this jersey! Thank you, Galo! Thank you, daddy Kalil! Thank you, my Galoucura! Thank you to all Atleticanos! Thank you to my family!

Thank you God, for giving me this life as an athlete, for giving me strength to do what I love the most and for the family and friends that are by my side for everything!"

R10 is now a free agent, and early rumors say that he could join Major League Soccer starting next season.

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