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FC Barcelona Grades: Andres Iniesta, Cesc Fabregas, Sergi Roberto, Ibrahim Afellay

We continue to grade Barcelona players for their performances last season.

David Ramos

Andres Iniesta

Iniesta was very good this season, though he was probably short of his inspiring best. Never a goalscorer, nonetheless, his haul was particularly low. On the other hand, he was key in big games, with an assist in the Champions League quarters and a penalty won in El Clasico some of the highlights.

Grade: B+

Cesc Fabregas

An interesting case, as statistically he produced. Playing sometimes as a forward, his 13 goals were fourth on the team. Still, the complaints about him were the same as always: lack of consistency and positional discipline. The player and the team seemed happy enough to part ways.

Grade: C+

Sergi Roberto

Unfairly given the role of "Thiago substitute", Roberto was pretty unspectacular last season. Like Martin Montoya, his stock fell somewhat as he went from a promising prospect to a role player with responsibility in the squad. And again like Montoya, this coming season is pivotal. He could carve out a decent role as a squad player.

Grade: C+

Ibrahim Afellay

Afellay just doesn't have any luck with injuries, it seems. He didn't play much.

No grade

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