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Video: CA Osasuna vs FC Barcelona B Match Highlights

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Or lowlights, if you look at Barça's performance.

Barcelona B's Liga Adelante debut was a depressing one, as the mini-Culés got their butts whipped by Osasuna in Pamplona, losing 2-0 on a match in which they got dominated from start to finish.

Eusebio Sacristán's side was terrible in every phase of the game, from passing to defending to attacking. Even Alen Halilovic, B team's biggest star, was in a bad day. Barça had few chances, while Osasuna went straight to attack, and got a brace from Juan Martínez to guarantee them a great win in convincing fashion. Yes, Osasuna is basically a La Liga team that is currently at the Second Division. Still, our B team could have played better. Let's hope they bounce back from this and play better next Saturday, against Sabadell.