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The Renato Guy Daily - August 24, 2014

Haters gonna hate these daily pills of B.S.

Lars Baron


How's everything going, everyone? Welcome to the second day of your new favorite off-topic thread. I liked the way you responded to it, and you seemed to enjoy it. That's good to know. Okay, let's get this thing going.

Hey, Barça's Liga debut is here! Always good to spend your Sunday watching some Barça matches, especially special games like these one against Elche, and I hope we can start the season the way the preseason ended. I'm confident in Lucho and I love that I'm seeing traces of Pep Barça there. Let's hope it continues.

Now, let's go to some more OT stuff. As a big fan of football, like all of you, I enjoy playing FIFA. The Career Mode is awesome and I always try to make it a little hard for me. That's why I usually don't pick the top two teams of the major leagues, and I try to lead an obscure team to glory. Right now, I just ended a season with Schalke 04. There's a great young group of guys there, and I'm proud to say I passed Borussia Dortmund to finish second, 8 points behind Bayern. There's work to be done, so hopefully I can get good guys to come to the team now. And I have to say: Julian Draxler is A F'N BEAST IN FIFA! That guy is awesome. Was my top scorer *and* passer, and everyone wants to buy him. I won't sell now. Let him crush the UCL and then I can get more money out of him.

Another thing I'm into right now is comedy shows. I watched the premiere of Partners, and I liked Martin Lawrence and Kelsey Grammer together. Check it out, if you can. It's nice.

Now, there's a funny story for you. I was walking down the street to get something to eat, and I see this really pretty girl walking in front of me. I do my best not to look at her, and I make it. Five seconds later, she tripped and fell on the street. I couldn't stop laughing, but I helped her. She thanked me, which is nice. Also, I was very polite to her, and she noticed it. Next thing I know, I have her number. Should I call her?

That's it for today, guys. Love to hear from you about anything I said (or missed) in today's "The Renato Guy Daily". If you don't know why that's the title, just look at my name. I'm trying to make it easy for you. See ya tomorrooooooow!

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