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The Renato Guy Daily - August 26, 2014

Haters gonna hate these daily pills of B.S.

Laurence Griffiths


Welcome to another edition of "The Renato Guy Daily". It's an open platform for off-topic B.S. You can talk about whatever you want, don't forget that. Alright, let's keep going.

Before Barça's game against Elche, I watched Captain America - The Winter Soldier. That thing was nice, I've got to tell you. I loved it so much. It's a great movie, from beginning to end. A bit overrated of course, but it lived up to the hype. I thought the plot twist of bringing his best friend Bucky back was very smart. I'm not going to tell the end for the ones who haven't watched it, but the pacing is nice, there's more action scenes than the other Marvel movies, and the setup to The Avengers 2 was well done. The only thing I hated about it was Scarlett Johansson's haircut. It was terrible. She's too hot for such a bad haircut. Whomever thought of that is a stupid person. Anyway, go watch it. Fantastic movie. And finally Samuel L. Jackson is put in danger. How didn't anybody think of that before?!

Now, I know you are expecting an update on the girl I helped on the street. She gave me her number, but I still haven't called her. Don't know why. Sorry. Maybe tomorrow.

Finally, I'm on a diet. I'm a bit fat, and this diet I'm on is ridiculously great. It's strict for six days, but I can't notice it. And then, on Sunday, there's a cheat day. Every Sunday is freaking Christmas morning!!! I eat all the pizzas, sandwiches and stuff I want, and I'm losing weight in a healthy way. It's nice, people.

That's it for today, guys. Love to hear from you about anything I said (or missed) in today's "The Renato Guy Daily". If you don't know why that's the title, just look at my name. I'm trying to make it easy for you. See ya tomorrooooooow!

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