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Douglas Pereira, on FC Barcelona Deal: "I won't be a fraud"

He's beyond happy.

Stuart Franklin

Douglas Pereira, the newest Barcelona signing for the season, is beyond excited to play at the Catalan side. In an interview to Mundo Deportivo right after agreeing a deal to go to Camp Nou, he explained how he felt, among other topics.

Here's a few highlights of his answers:

How are you feeling?

"I can't explain, really. I'm very happy, it's such a big club and every player dreams of playing there. I'm very happy, and I hope to reciprocate their trust. I won't be a fraud".

Are you ready for the challenge?

Yes, very. I worked a lot here at São Paulo, one of the biggest Brazilian clubs, who always wants to win titles. Barcelona is no different, it's a club known worldwide and competes for championships every year. They're used to win and they always want to do it. I feel the same way, my head is in the right place. I know how difficult it will be, but I'm going to work hard and I want to help them to win titles. I'll do my best.

As you know, Barça already has two players in your position in Montoya and Alves. Are you scared of the competition?

No, I'm not scared. They're both great players, especially Alves, who's world class and represents our national team. Right now, I'm just concerned about doing my job, working hard and trying my best. Luis Enrique will choose who's playing. I just want things to be natural.

In all honesty, everyone here was surprised when we heard that Barça was going after you, and the information we had said that even the fans of your team didn't like you. What do you have to say to that and what can you do here at Barça?

The best thing I can do is changing that with hard work, dedication and good performances. If I train hard everyday and the chances to play come my way, if I do well, I can gain the respect of my coach and teammates, and later the fans. I'm not really worried, I think it will turn out well.

Have you spoken to Alves, Neymar and Adriano, the other Brazilians at Barça?

Not yet. Didn't have that opportunity because I don't know them personally. Our paths never crossed, so I will only talk to them when I get there.

What goes through your mind when you have the chance to play with guys like Messi, Suárez, Iniesta, Xavi...?

I don't have the words right now to explain. These guys are my idols, and now I have the chance to be with them everyday... I can't explain, really. But at the same time, I have to be professional and learn from them, and help them as much as I can, so we can all win together.

Just to be clear. You're joining the team immediately, right? You are not going to be loaned to another European team?

Right, that's the agreement my agent had with Barça.

Have you spoken to Luis Enrique already?

Not yet. I've talked to the club officials who came here to Brazil, but nobody else yet.

For the ones who don't know you, how do you define yourself?

I'm a very honest and hard-working person, who wants to win not only on the pitch but also outside, giving my family a better life. I respect everybody from Barça who already works there, and I just want to help the team to win titles. I will honor and respect this great club.


There it is, Barça fans. What do you think of Doulgas, based on his answers?

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