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Luis Suárez, on FC Barcelona: 'This is a dream for me'

He's nothing but honored

David Ramos

Luis Suárez is nothing but honored to be at Barcelona.

Even though he can't play until the end of October, he is now able to train with his teammates normally, and that alone is a great experience, according to Luisito himself. In an interview to Barça TV, Suárez talked about the transfer, how eager he is to debut for the Blaugrana and more. Here's a few highlights:

"When I heard about the interest that Barça had in me, it wasn't a choice for me. I had no doubts, I had to come here. This is what I've dreamed of, what I've ever wished. I said no to other teams because I already knew that this was the right choice.

Since my early years in Europe, first at Ajax, then at Liverpool, my career was all about rising, overcoming obstacles, facing bigger challenges. This is now the biggest challenge, to play at the best team in the world. I want to win the titles I saw this team win when I wasn't here. I see how happy everybody is to be here, and I want to be a part of it.

This is funny, I was very shy at my presentation. I never expected what happened, because I thought it would be a normal presentation like at any other club. The ovation from the fans made me very emotional, and it's something I'll always remember. It's a reward, and the support from so many people gives me strength and helps me to give my best everyday in training. Hopefully I can debut soon and give the fans back with a lot of work, dedication and sacrifice. I hope I can contribute a lot to this great club.

Playing at Barça is a challenge, yet a dream. It was always in my mind playing at this stadium in front of so many great fans and sharing a part of the pitch with my teammates. This experience is beyond everything I've always dreamed of."

What a great guy.

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