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Barca Blaugranes: Community Ground Rules

Don't make the boss unhappy...
Don't make the boss unhappy...
Alex Caparros

In light of recent "events" and following the site’s rapid growth in recent months, I thought it would be useful to re-establish and reiterate a number of community ground rules. Perhaps in the past, Barça Blaugranes has not enforced any rigid rules per se, and really moderated the community on an ad-hoc basis where and when the situation called for it. That was fine in previous years and months, but now, it’s time for change.

In the interest of keeping the community civil, keeping conversations in the appropriate places and generally making Barça Blaugranes a nice place both to be as a member of the community and as an author, let’s go over these new ground rules:

  • Keep it civil and respect the authors

From my perspective, this is the most important rule. If you don’t follow this rule, I, and my fellow moderators are unlikely to cut you any slack. As such, don’t make the mistake in the first place; when our authors publish something, please afford them the respect that you would expect in the comments section: respect their opinion, refrain from personal attacks or insults and generally think whether you would appreciate if someone said something similar about you.

As you may already know, we contribute to and run this blog in our free-time; any unfair criticisms, disrespect or insults are going to make us think twice about contributing in the future. We want to bring the best Barça content to Barça Blaugranes for you guys, don’t make us question that decision.

Bottom Line: Anyone violating this rule will be banned. One strike, and you’re out.

  • Keep comment threads on topic

Another relatively straight-forward point. If an article is published about a new signing for instance, please direct all conversation about Cristiano Ronaldo for example to another, more appropriate thread, such as the Off Topic Thread, the daily threads published by Renato...I’m sure you get the picture.

Of course we want to promote discussion about everything FCB-related, but equally, please appreciate that comment threads were designed to further the conversation on that particular article – and most writers would agree that they don’t want their latest article to be sidetracked by a debate about another unrelated topic.

Bottom Line: This isn’t likely to warrant any bans, but we will message you to help keep you on track where appropriate

  • Respect each other’s opinions

Similar to the first point, so this shouldn’t need much explaining: respect everyone else’s opinion too. If you disagree with a particular point raised by someone else, don’t belittle their opinion or insult them, either present a valid counterpoint, or, simply move on.

Bottom Line: Depends on the severity of the offense, expect warnings and bans for repeat/severe offenders

  • Do not "troll" other blogs

You all know that Barça Blaugranes is part of SB Nation, which is part of Vox Media and so on; there are other blogs on the network and I’m sure many of you visit some of these sites. Anyone found to violate the rules set by other blogs and banned from participation will likely face the same fate at Barça Blaugranes.

The reason for this is twofold: firstly, anyone violating rules elsewhere is clearly incapable or unwilling to follow them, and secondly, anyone commenting elsewhere by extension "represents" Barça Blaugranes. There is nothing more frustrating as site manager who has dedicated a good chunk of my time and effort to building Barça Blaugranes than hearing this site’s name being dragged through the mud as a result of the actions of its members. We’re all one big happy family, so play nice.

Bottom Line: If you’re banned from another blog for trolling, you can reasonably expect to be banned here as well

That just about covers it for the moment; happy commenting folks!

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