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FC Barcelona Grades: Gerard Pique, Javier Mascherano, Carles Puyol, Marc Bartra

Continuing our 2013-14 season recap, we grade the central defenders.

Alex Livesey

Gerard Pique

Controversial. Produced some absolutely sterling performances, particularly in big games. It's hard to fault him too much in any games against Real Madrid or Atletico Madrid, or any Champions League games. Still, many took issue with his lack of focus, yet again. He has his detractors, but last season was a pretty good one in my book.

Grade: B

Javier Mascherano

Obviously a great player, but his limitations as a CB are apparent. Namely, his height. He was badly exposed in Barcelona's 4-3 Clasico win over Real Madrid, failing to clear two Angel Di Maria crosses which resulted in 2 goals. His ability to intercept and tackle are second to none, but last year was a little bit of a down year for Mascherano. A return to midfield could be in order.

Grade: C+

Marc Bartra

Bartra established himself this season as a bonafide first-teamer, and a very good one to boot. It's hard to think of a bad performance from him, though he was sometimes caught out due to his lack of experience. An equalizer in the Copa del Rey final should have capped off a banner year, but he gave up a goal to Gareth Bale that saw the cup slip. In fairness to Bartra, he played injured that match. There's plenty of reason to be excited.

Grade: B

Carles Puyol

The legend has retired after his body finally had enough abuse. When he did play, which was not often, he was still good. Not vintage Puyol, perhaps, but still good. He even scored a goal. It's too bad they can't clone him.

Grade: B

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