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Rafinha Alcântara to Wear Number 12 Jersey at FC Barcelona

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

Rafinha Alcântara still doesn't have an official number for next season. But it looks like he has made his decision.

The Brazilian will wear his favorite number, 12, starting next season. The number has no owner in Barça's current squad. Rafinha has been wearing the jersey since his early days at Barcelona's youth system. After he was loaned to Celta Vigo, he kept the number in Luis Enrique's team. Both Lucho and Rafinha came back together to the Blaugrana, the #12 jersey also returns.

Rafinha provided a hint at the decision on Twitter and Instagram:

A few months ago, I did a scouting report on Rafinha, and predicted he would have a good season:

"Rafinha fits that mold. He is a good enough passer to practice the tiki-taka, but incisive enough to break this system and try an individual play. And, if you remember, under Guardiola, Barcelona didn't always pass forever. Some of Messi's greatest goals are the ones in which he would take off, sprint with the ball through the defense and score. That's what Rafinha can do, too.

No, I'm not comparing Rafinha to Messi. This is crazy. But he has good enough potential to be an important part of the New Barça. He just needs playing time and that will probably happen with Lucho as the manager.

Rafinha Alcântara is damn young. But he's shown incredible maturity and has evolved into one of the 50 best players in a league that features Barcelona and Real Madrid. This is not easy to do. And it won't be easy to stop him, too. Get out of the way, Rafinha is coming!"

Let's hope he brings his A game wearing his favorite jersey.

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