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Gonzalo Higuaín, on FC Barcelona Rumors: 'Never thought about it'

Valerio Pennicino

Gonzalo Higuaín is in Switzerland with his team, SSC Napoli, to take on FC Barcelona on Wednesday night, in an anticipated friendly between two high-quality teams.

Another thing that makes the match interesting is the fact that Higuaín was rumored to be signing with FC Barcelona in Argentina's first game at the World Cup. When the news broke, the Albiceleste had just beat Bosnia, and the press when right after the striker to ask him about the Barça rumors:

"Yes, why not? We're having a great time here at the national team. It would be obviously a huge pleasure to play with him, but my head is now only in the World Cup."

"I'm content with the Barça interest. It feels great. It would feel great to any player. It would be a enormous pleasure to play with Messi at Barcelona. But again, my focus is only in the Cup and doing our best here".


After those words, it seemed like a matter of time before Barcelona's official announcement on the deal. Nothing happened, though. Higuaín is still a Napoli player and the Blaugrana signed another world-class striker, Luis Suárez.

The 26-year-old spoke in an interview to Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport, and the main topic was his decision to stay at his current club, and whether or not he considered Barcelona:

"No, never thought about it. I always told the truth, that I was thinking only about the World Cup and that I would return to Napoli. That's all that happened. No offer, nothing. I said I wanted to stay and that's what I did.

I feel like for every player, including me, it would be a pleasure to play with someone like him [Lionel Messi]. That doesn't mean I want to go to Barcelona. Those are two different things. I'm happy here and I'll stay."

It's pretty apparent that Higuaín never really though about Barça, and the circumstances of the World Cup make people create some crazy rumors. Let's just hope Gonzalo doesn't score on us tonight.

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