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Martín Montoya: 'Luis Enrique is the ideal coach'

He trusts the boss.

David Ramos

Martín Montoya is excited, yet realistic about his expectations for the new season of FC Barcelona football. For the first time, he has a real shot at getting a lot of minutes as Barça's full-back. He's the natural replacement to Dani Alves, who stays in the squad, but is not really the right side owner like he once was.

At a press conference in Helsinki ahead of Barcelona's preseason friendly against the hosts, HJK, Montoya spoke briefly about Luis Enrique's scheme, his style as a coach and his relationship with Alves.

"Difference in tactics from last season? We get definitely more freedom and we attack more, because the wingers run to the middle a lot more than they did. It's a lot different from last year, but our defensive duties don't change. In terms of training, it's the same way it was at Barça B: a lot of intensity, physical work, use of the ball and tactical training.

Luis Enrique? He's the ideal coach. As a player, he was tough, sacrificed himself and had a lot of character. As a coach he shows the same character, ambition and will to win.

Dani Alves? He's one of the best full-backs in the world, so it will be difficult for me to play and get minutes. I don't see myself as the starter. He is the reference. Had he gone away, I'm sure the club will bring in another world-class player for his position. But I love that he's staying, because he's a great guy and I'm able to learn a lot from him."

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