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The Renato Guy Daily: September 1, 2014 - Off-Topic Thread

Haters gonna hate these daily pills of B.S.

Ezra Shaw


Look who's back! Your daily off-topic B.S. home is here! I took a short break because I was terribly busy and there was the Champions League draw, plus Barça's match against Villarreal. Your interest was somewhere else, but today is the perfect day to come back. New month, new thread.

Speaking of threads, you probably read our new Community Guidelines posted by the boss of us all, Arron. If you read carefully, you noticed that one of the rules say we need to keep our comments on topic. So, if you want to comment on something that has nothing to do with the article you're reading, THIS is the place where you should go. This daily thread is an open field for you to talk anything you want, that's the point of its creation. You can talk about Barça here, too, or other things you want to. That's the place to do it, ok? OK.

Let's get this thing going. Here's a few things that happened on the weekend that caught my eye:

No UFC 177 paycheck or guarantee of future title fight for Renan Barao - | This was the most bizarre thing I've ever seen. The guy simply doesn't show up because he didn't make weight? Go to the scale, damnit! Own it! For once, I agree with Dana. Barão should learn the lesson of not cutting too much weight the hard way.

Ryan Mallett traded to Texans from Patriots - | This is veeeeeeeery interesting. I love Mallet, and I think he's got a shot of being a starter in Houston. And it looks like the Patriots are sold on Jimmy Garoppolo and they want him ready to replace Tom Brady as soon as possible. Cool for everyone, especially the Texans.

Real Madrid to sign Chicharito Hernández - Managing Madrid | I understand why Carlo Ancelotti did this, but if you're waiting for Falcao and instead you get Chicharito, that's kind of funny, right? Anyway, not good luck, Hernández.

Shinji Kagawa rejoins Borussia Dortmund - | Kagawa should not have even left Dortmund. He's back where he belongs. And a trio of Mkhitaryan, Reus and Kagawa behind Aubameyang looks very good to me. Until Bayern Munich buys all of them, of course.

Caroline Wozniacki upsets Maria Sharapova - | I'm devastated. Maria Sharapova is my eternal crush, and Wozniacki beats her like that? But wait... Wozniacki is kind of beautiful, too... I mean REALLY beautiful... Well, I'm not that sad anymore. I LOVE YOU, CAROLINE!

That's it for today, guys. Love to hear from you about anything I said (or missed) in today's "The Renato Guy Daily". If you don't know why that's the title, just look at my name. I'm trying to make it easy for you. See ya tomorrooooooow!

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