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FC Barcelona's Munir El-Haddadi "Likely" to Stay with First Team

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He's been incredibly impressive.

Manuel Queimadelos Alonso

Munir El-Haddadi just can't stop being impressive.

He didn't have the greatest performance ever against Villarreal on Sunday, but he still got praise from coach Luis Enrique after the match. The boss used the word "proud" when referring to the contributions of the 19-year-old. That's why he's getting rewards.

First, it was reported last week that Barcelona are closing in on a contract extension that would guarantee Munir on the Camp Nou until the end of the decade, paying him more money and increasing his buyout fee to stop teams from pursuing him -- Arsenal and Real Madrid are reportedly incredibly interested in signing Munir next season.

Now, El-Haddadi gets another reward for his work. Sources say that Luis Enrique has decided to mantain Munir as part of the first team on a permanent basis, rather than have him back at Barça B. The coach thinks that way even when Luis Suárez is able to play at the end of his suspension. "Munir has definitely caught his eye, and it's likely that Enrique keeps him", a source said.

That's great news for Munir. Being so young and having so much impact when so many didn't expect it has to make him feel good. We hope he keeps developing into the great player he seems to be.

To top it all, today is his birthday. Have a great day Munir!