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Brazil 1, Ecuador 0 - Meh

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Nothing good, nothing bad. Just meh

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

It's very early in Dunga's second stint as the coach of the Brazilian national team, but his early signs aren't that encouraging.

Brazil had another performance that showed this team is miles and miles away from becoming once again one of the world's best. Sure, they won, and Ecuador isn't that bad of a team, but the Seleção has some problems that will take long to be solved.

Their midfield creation issue will always be there, as long as Dunga is stubborn. He insists on using Oscar as a '10' instead of an '8' - a guy that helps the defense and initiates the offense. Oscar is good at Chelsea because he is not the creator. He shares that duty with Cesc Fàbregas, and those two together have already produced good offensive performances for the Blues.

The solution for the creation department is kind of simple: play a 4-1-4-1 formation, with one defensive mid an four guys in front of him. At the edges, put Neymar and Willian. In the middle, give me Philippe Coutinho and Oscar. Both can defend, and they could share creation duties. Coutinho can do that, as he's showed in the two friendlies against Colombia and Ecuador. He's the answer for their problems, it's amazing how Dunga can't see it.

However, we need to be fair to the coach. The only Brazil goal came in a clearly rehearsed play, with Oscar, Neymar and Willian doing a very nice combination, and the latter scored the winner for the Seleção. That's something Dunga came up with, and he deserves props for that.

Unfortunately, we don't see much more than that. Brazil has a long road ahead. And their next game is the toughest test possible: the biggest national team clash in the Universe: Brazil vs Argentina, in 31 days. Brace yourselves.