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Luis Enrique: Every away game is tough, and Levante is no different

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Luis Enrique attended a press conference on Saturday to preview Barcelona's next La Liga game, against Levante on Sunday. The boss talked about his expectations for the match, among other topics.

Here's a few highlights of his answers. You can also watch the video above:

"It's never easy to face a rival who plays in an ultra-defensive way. I don't know if that's what Levante is going to do, but Barça have faced it before. Every away game is tough, and Levante is no different. We know their defensive potential and their counter-attacking ability. We have to be at our best.

The season is long, and I'll need all of my players, so rotation is a necessity. Right now, our focus is on Levante and how to beat them. After that, we'll see how we handle the other games.

I don't think we can leave Messi out. Not having him there would affect us as a team, as it would with any other team. I wish I could play him all 90 minutes, but I think that will be very hard. I'll manage his minutes tomorrow to get the best out of him without compromising his fitness, while also helping the team win.

Munir and Sandro are not ahead of anybody else. They've been pleasant surprises, and they provide us a lot. They're both ambitious, and they get to the goal easily. But that doesn't put them ahead of anyone. We're all a team.

Vermaelen is doing great. His issue is only physical, to nurse this injury completely. It will be a bit hard for him to get a big role in the middle of competition. But I'll be waiting for his green light and study the possibilities to see when can we put him back there on the pitch.

Luis Suárez is also doing very well, as he's been from the start. He's well adapted and just waiting for the opportunity to come. I'm amazed with him, he trains like he's having a game tomorrow and that was our goal. Even without playing he is already a good signing."