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Luis Suárez shines, scores a brace in Barcelona B friendly win

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What a performance!

David Ramos

It was a great start to a day that features Barcelona's La Liga match against Málaga. Barça B played the Indonesian U-19 national team in a friendly at the club's facilities, and won 6-0 in dominant fashion. The game could have been ignored by most, were it not for the fact that Luis Suárez, the biggest signing of this season, not only played, but was the man of the match, scoring a brace and having a fantastic overall performance.

Coach Eusebio Sacristán started a mixed group, with Barça B starting players like Bagnack and Alen Halilovic, younger Juvenil A guys like Kaptoum, and two senior team players, Thomas Vermaelen and Suárez. And it was Vermaelen who scored the first goal of the game, heading home a Halilovic cross in the third minute to make the score 1-0 to Barça.

Dominant from the start, the little Blaugranas established ball possession in the attacking third, and created numerous opportunities. The second goal came in the 12th minute, when Halilovic delivered a perfect pass to Luis Suárez, who beat the center-back on the run and dislocated the goalie with a nice left-footed finish.

It was the first time we got to see a Suárez goal, and it couldn't be a more Suárez-esque goal.

Barça continued to dominate, and the third goal came 10 minutes later. Babunski and Camara made a nice link-up, which ended with a strong shot from Babunski to make it 3-0.

After the goal, Barça slowed down the pace, but we got to see a beautiful link-up between Luis Suárez and Halilovic. Both looked for each other, trying to pass between themselves on the way to a fourth goal. From the 35th minute on, the little Blaugrana just passed the ball around until the halftime whistle. And it came.

Coming back from halftime, Eusebio made changes on the midifeld, and kept Suárez on the pitch. After one hour, Vermaelen was subbed off, ending a productive 60-minute performance as left-back. Replacing him was B-teamer Bicho, who got to score on his first touch after a good assist by Maxi Rolón.

Then, it was time to see a Luis Suárez signature golazo. Alone in the middle of two defenders, Luisito dribbled to his left shoulder and delivered a picture-perfect shot, with no chance for the Indonesian goalie. It was a beauty.

Finally, Barça B got the sixth goal after a bizarre play. An Indonesian defender raised his hand and deflected a shot by Maxi Rolón as if he was a goalkeeper. But he wasn't. It was up to Rolón to take the penalty-kick, and he did it greatly. 6-0 Barça, to cap off a dominant performance.

That was it. Barcelona B 6, Indonesia U-19 0. Man of the match: Luis Suárez. Alen Halilovic also played great, and we feel like Luisito will kick butts in the first team. Let's hope so.