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Málaga-Barcelona referee says Weligton didn't threaten Messi

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Sergio Camacho

One of the lowlights from Barcelona's draw with Málaga came near the end of the game, when Lionel Messi and opposing center-back Weligton had an altercation after a simple play. Both had words for each other, and then this happened:

This caused a little scuffle on the pitch between players from both sides, which led to yellow cards for Weligton and Gerard Piqué. Many argue that the Málaga CB should've been sent off for his actions, but that didn't happen.

After the game, referee Alejandro Hernández Hernández wrote his obligatory match report, in which he says Weligton didn't do anything bad to Messi:

"In the 82nd minute, the player (3) Weligton Robson Pena de Oliveira received a yellow card for the following reason: face an opponent without insult or threat."

I just have one question there: WHAT THE HELL?!

But hey, #UEFALONA!!!