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Report: Victor Valdés Set to Join Liverpool FC

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He has found a home.

Clive Brunskill

He's not a Barcelona player anymore, but we still care a lot about Victor Valdés. The legendary goalkeeper has a place to go, finally.

According to a report from Bleacher Report UK, Valdés have reached an agreement with Liverpool to join them this summer. The transfer window has been closed, but since Victor is a free agent, he can join anyone, at any time. And Brendan Rodgers, the Reds' coach, expressed his interest in the 32-year-old and contacted him personally to inform him about it.

Now, the tricky part. VV will go through a medical in the upcoming days. As you know, he's still recovering from the ACL tear he suffered back in April. Liverpool are aware of his injury, but I'm curious to see whether they will take that in consideration.

We hope everything goes right. Valdés is a fantastic guy and would be a great backup for Simon Mignolet. Good luck, VV. We love you.