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Lionel Messi injury report: "considerable improvements" on his condition

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He's doing well, already.

Manuel Queimadelos Alonso

Lionel Messi is already getting better.

Barcelona's biggest star left the game against Villarreal last Sunday with a groin injury, which led him to miss out on Argentina's national team friendlies on FIFA dates this week. He has been doing specific physical work along with Andrés Iniesta and Thomas Vermaelen, and he is showing great signs, as we speak.

Barça's medical service has released a statement on Messi's condition, as it follows:

"The Argentina national team doctor, Daniel Martínez, and others from the FCB Medical Services have evaluated the groin strain sustained by Leo Messi during last weekend’s league fixture away to Villarreal.

Both parties agreed that there have been considerable improvements, and the player will continue doing specific recovery exercises until he is ready to resume normal training with the rest of his team-mates."


Messi, Iniesta and Vermaelen will all be available to play Barça's next Liga match, September 13, against Athletic Bilbao at Camp Nou.