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Neymar named new Brazil national team captain

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Despite the young age, he's a leader.

Adam Pretty

Barcelona star Neymar has been named the new captain of the Brazilian national team, Brazil coach Dunga announced on Thursday, one day from his first game managing the Seleção, against Colombia in Miami on Friday.

Neymar will replace Thiago Silva as the new carrier of the armband. Silva has an injury that left him out of Brazil's squad for this week's friendly. Despite being only 22 years old, Neymar has earned the trust of the new boss, and Dunga explained in an interview the reasons to give the young star the status of leader of the team:

"The reason is simple: he's a reference, a player that has lots of talent despite being only 22. He has a lot of experience and knows how to maintain composure under pressure. He understands what it means to be the big reference in the group as the captain.

He welcomes the challenge. He likes challenges as much as he likes winning. He knows how big his responsability is, but he received the news with a smile, as I expected. He's ready.

Although Neymar is now the captain, we have to make sure that we have other players that show leadership and commitment. Neymar has the armband, but everyone has to be the captain."

Brazil faces Colombia on Friday night. If you live in Europe, the game starts at 3AM CET. It will be the first taste of Real Madrid vs Barcelona of the season, as we got ourselves a duel between Neymar and James Rodríguez.