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Luis Suárez scores a brace in friendly against FC Barcelona B

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You think he's ready?

Alex Caparros

It appears that Luis Suárez is ready to play for Barça.

The Uruguay striker still can't join the team in official matches because of the FIFA ban upheld by the Court of Arbitration for Sport. Suárez's first chance to play a real game will be against Real Madrid, October 25 at Santiago Bernabéu. But he shows everyday how ready he is to step in when he's allowed to.

We told you a couple of days ago that coach Luis Enrique scheduled a practice match against Barça B to give Suárez and goalie Ter Stegen a bit of a taste in competition. The friendly happened on Thursday afternoon, behind closed doors. But Mundo Deportivo got information from people within the club. Their sources say Suárez "looked great" and scored a brace. Luisito played his usual style of running after every ball, defending with great effort and doing great things on offense.

The source claims that both Suárez and Enrique left the game very happy and satisfied with the performance from Barça's new number 9.

Enrique still plans to schedule more of those matches in the upcoming weeks, to get Suárez as close as possible to being ready for the Madrid match. Judging by what he did against the B-team, he didn't forget how to score.