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Luis Suárez on not being able to play: "It's suffering"

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We suffer too, man.

David Ramos

Luis Suárez can't wait to get his chance to play as a Blaugrana.

The Uruguay striker is training with the squad for quite a while, but he's still suspended until the end of October. In an interview to Barça TV, Luisito talked about the feeling of not being able to play, how eager he is to come back, among other topics.

Here's a few highlights of his answers:

Training again:

It's hard, complicate, to put on regular clothes at home and say "I'm going training" made me feel weird, waiting for the final decision was a very long wait, with a lot of expectations and all. Until the decision was made, which gave me the chance to train again, to feel like a football player again, like a said, to be with my teammates, to be part of a daily work, something that I hadn't been able to do, and to be able now to train and just say to my kids: "I'm going to work" is something that calms me down.

Not being able to play:

It's actually a lot of suffering. I have been suspended for many games now, and with only a few left, you suffer, because of that helplessness when you can't do anything from afar, all you can do is talk and yell. You have to accept it and also be aware of your role there, because it's the one you have to perform during those games to help your teammates as much as you can.


I am calm in that sense, because it's already hard in England and I assumed it, I am used to playing with this kind of pressure. It's not really pressure, but having all these eyes staring at you to see what you are doing, so you have to get used to it, and even more now that being part of the best team in the world means there will be more eyes watching, especially after what happened, so you have to be weary, accept responsibility and be clever.

Position on the field:

Honestly, I have played all over the attack zone. I'm not the kind of striker who remains still in a position. If I start playing in the right side many times I will end on the left or the middle, and if I start on the left, I will end up on the middle or the right. I like switching positions and not being static. That's how I have always played with other teams and the national team: I'm not the striker who stands still, I'm the guy moving around all over the place.

We suffer too, buddy. We can't wait until you score some goals for us.