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Lionel Messi scores hat-trick in friendly against Barcelona B

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The guy is hungry.

Alex Caparros

Barcelona's website informed yesterday that Lionel Messi was recovering well from his injury, and they wanted us to believe that he wasn't training with the group. It's all a lie.

Well, not all. Messi is indeed recovering well from his groin strain, but he's not just training with the group, he's kicking butts in it. We talked about a report from Mundo Deportivo claiming that Luis Suárez scored a brace in the friendly against Barça B on Thursday. Today, they're reporting that Messi asked coach Luis Enrique to participate in part of the match.

According to MD, he didn't play the whole practice game, but he scored a hat-trick and assisted one of Suárez's goals, just proving he's ready to go. Messi is expected to be fully fit for Barça's next game, against Athletic Bilbao, next Saturday.

Well, he is fully fit. And he's also scoring his usual hat-tricks.