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Pep Guardiola: 'I am not the solution' for Barcelona

The ship has sailed!

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The sudden crisis that destroyed Barcelona's locker room and board room and everything in between has turned the club into a sea of speculations, rumors and assumptions. After calling for elections a year earlier than expected, firing the Sporting Director and causing the Sporting Director's assistant to resign, president Josep Maria Bartomeu now looks set to terminate the contract of Luis Enrique, who could lose his job if his team doesn't beat Atlético Madrid on Sunday afternoon.

If Enrique does get fired, the search for another manager will be the talk of the town until the new boss is chosen. Naturally, a lot of people will point to Pep Guardiola as the Messiah, the savior that will make Barça rise like a phoenix back into dominating the world of football.

If you're one of those people, you better look for another Messiah. Guardiola has made very clear that he won't be returning to Barcelona anytime soon, let alone now. In a press conference in Doha, where his Bayern Munich squad is spending a week of practice, Pep tried his best to kill the rumors of a possible return to Catalunya.

"I'm not the solution. There is a lot of great options and I'm sure the right people will make the right decisions to maintain Barça's spot as one of the greatest clubs in the world."

Source: MD

Guardiola also denied one more rumor, that he could become Barça's sporting director if Joan Laporta returns to the presidential chair after the elections.

"Laporta has never said that. You might have read it but it never came out of his mouth"

Source: MD

There is a big problem here. Whenever things go bad with Barça, we all tend to look to the past and assume Pep Guardiola is the only person that can solve all of our problems. He's not. There are other very good managers out there, but the main reason why Barça have so many problems is the people above the manager. If the elections bring someone capable of solving the deeper issues, then the search for a manager won't be limited to "Guardiola or Bust".

As Barcelona fans and supporters, we need to move on from Guardiola. He, clearly, has already moved on.

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