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Barcelona vs Atlético Madrid: Predict The Score

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A chance for you to predict the score of Barcelona's huge La Liga clash with Atlético Madrid

David Ramos/Getty Images

Big one today! It's Barcelona vs Atlético Madrid to find out who is really going after Real Madrid for the La Liga title. Barça didn't beat Atleti at all last season, as five draws and a loss showed that defeating Diego Simeone's side is never an easy thing. Their matches have become low-scoring affairs, usually decided by little details.

If those details make Barça lose, it could mean the end of the line for Luis Enrique, as Barça's boss will reportedly get sacked if he fails to manage his players to a victory. Even if he does win, the chances of keeping his job are not as big as one might think.

Will Barça win this one? Join us and predict the score for the big game!