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Report: Sergio Busquets to Sign Contract Extension with Barcelona

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David Ramos/Getty Images

One of the most consistent pieces of Barcelona's glorious era, Sergio Busquets is set to have a new contract.

According to a report from Mundo Deportivo, the Blaugrana and the 26-year-old midfielder will sign an extension that will keep him as a Barça player until 2020, with a player option for one extra season. Busquets will also see his bank account get bigger with a significant increase in his wages. Plus, it will get tougher to buy him out of Barça, with his release clause getting raised from €150 million to €175 million.

Despite his consistency and high level of play year after year, Busquets is always a controversial figure in the eyes of Barça fans. Some point to his lack of defensive skills; others point to his lack of passing skills; others point to his lack of offensive skills; however, the reality is Sergio is one of the more complete players in his position in all of football. Being forced to cover a lot more ground due to Luis Enrique's crazy new tactical system, Busquets took some time to adjust to his expanded defensive role, but has now settled into a rythm and has returned to his usual All-Star form.

Busquets is getting paid, and few players in the current Barça squad are more deserving than him.