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Andrés Iniesta goes through more tests, set to miss at least one month with injury

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Alex Caparros/Getty Images

After sustaining an injury in the UEFA Champions League game on Tuesday, Barcelona midfielder and captain Andrés Iniesta went through more detailed tests one day later to find out the exact problem, as well as the deadline. And it is worrisome.

The Spanish international and Blaugrana legend has a full tear in his right hamstring, worse than the initial diagnosis of a muscle sprain, which now extends the expected timetable for his return. Instead of missing two to three weeks, Iniesta will be out for at least four, which is the minimum deadline to recover from this type of muscular damage.

Because of his age, Andrés deserves a lot more attention and the safest route is usually taken when he is injured. That means that we are probably not going to see the player on the pitch for Barça in the month of October. Iniesta joins Rafinha Alcântara as two key midfielders out with injury, and considering the other problems all over the squad, Barça has a very, very thin squad to work with in the next 30 days. However, there is a two-week international break coming, which limits the amount of games this small group will appear on, and that's the bright side of this whole story.

Please come back ASAP, Andrés. We need you more than ever.