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Alen Halilovic: "When I face Barça I want to score goals and win the game"

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Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

Alen Halilovic is now a La Liga star just two months into his journey with Sporting Gijón. And even though he's there on loan, he's not thinking about pleasing Barcelona right now. Even when they face each other.

The Croatian midfielder, who was loaned to the newly-promoted side, spoke to the media this week about his first months with Gijón, and he made it clear that he loves the club, the city and the league. And while he does think about returning to the Blaugrana with a real shot a being a key squad member, he's focused on making the best out of his time at Sporting.

And that even includes winning the La Liga games against Barça, and even scoring goals! That's a bold kiddo:

"At Sporting I'm very happy, very satisfied. I talk to my family all the time and I tell them that my teammates really like me and cheer me up, and so I have to keep scoring goals and doing the best that I can to keep things that way.

"The good relationship between Abelardo [Fernández, Gijón manager] and Luis Enrique is the main reason that got me here. The Spanish league attracts me a lot, and they thought this was the best decision for me. I love the system and style of play here, we do plenty of training, play a passing style like Barça... I'm very happy here.

"I do want to have success at Barça, but right now I don't think about it. I think about this club, to learn here, to play well and to work hard. And when we play Barça, I want to score goals and win the match."

Source: Diario Sport

Halilovic actually has a chance to score and win against Barça. His loan contract does not include the famous Clause of Fear, in which a team loans the player to another club with the condition that said player doesn't face them in fear of him doing well. Since there's no such agreement with Alen, he could come to Camp Nou, which is scheduled to happen in April of next year, and tear us apart.

Is that... good?