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Pedro Rodríguez on Premier League transfer: "Leaving Barça was hard, but I'm loving the change"

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Julian Finney/Getty Images

Pedro Rodríguez decided to leave Barcelona over the summer because he didn't have chances to start with the Blaugrana. He then decided to move to Chelsea, where he had a good start but followed the horrible form of the Blues and declined as well. Now, Lionel Messi is injured, and Pedro could be a starter at Barça for almost two entire months. #FOOTBALL

However, even though the circumstances haven't been perfect, it seems like the Spaniard is excited with his move and the adaptation to a new environment after spending more than a decade with the Catalan giants. Speaking to the press during international duty with the Spanish national team, Pedro talked about his move to England, leaving Barça, and being satisfied with the minutes he's getting at Chelsea.

Here's a few highlights of his answers:

"The adaptation has gone quicker than I expected, especially because of the national teammates that play there. They've treated me incredibly well in the dressing room. The truth is this has been a wonderful experience.

"Jose Mourinho has given me minutes, and that's all I wanted. When a player gets minutes, he can reach a good form, can get more confidence and tries more things.

"Leaving Barça was really hard, but the truth is I'm loving the change."

Source: Mundo Deportivo

Nobody predicted such a disaster for the Blues' season so far, but it is ironic that Pedro went away to get more minutes with a winning team, but that team is losing and he could have been a 90-minute, every-game player for Barça right now.

Then again, #FOOTBALL.