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Report: Barcelona coaching staff upset with defender, threatening transfer

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Denis Doyle/Getty Images

It appears that Barcelona coaches have had enought with the poor performances of Jérémy Mathieu.

According to reports from Diario Sport, Luis Enrique and the rest of his staff took the time to deeply criticize the French center-back, who has been one of the worst performers of the start of this season. Either at his original position or as a left-back, Mathieu hasn't come even close to repeating the solid campaign he had with the Blaugrana last year.

In fact, the coaching staff has been so hard on Mathieu, they're threatening to move him away from Camp Nou if he doesn't improve. The biggest criticism is on the player's lack of focus and intensity during matches this season, and these issues have resulted in Mathieu becoming the last option on defense even below Marc Bartra, who isn't used to many minutes under Enrique.

However, always according to the reports, they don't see the player as a lost cause. They know how important Mathieu became as the whole team caught fire last season, scoring game-winners against Celta Vigo and Real Madrid along with some impressive games as a defender, and the staff believes that the hard conversations during this international break could serve as a wake up call for Mathieu.

Let's hope it works.