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Neymar sends message to 'MSN' trio doubters: "They said we can't get along, but they're wrong"

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Matthias Hangst/Getty Images

Neymar Jr. celebrated one hundred games as a Barcelona superstar with a fantastic interview to the club's website about his Blaugrana career, his current success, future life goals and more.

One of the topics discussed was the accomplishments he had alongside his 'MSN' trio partners, Lionel Messi and Luis Suárez. Together they combined to score an astonishing 122 goals, and their fantastic performances as a true group were the main reason for the Catalan giants' incredible Treble-winning season.

But when the three were assembled, there were many questions regarding whether or not they could bond together, on and off the pitch, and adapt to a new situation in order to achive success as a real trio instead of a group of three players focused on their individual goals. They surprised the world by becoming a world-beating force, and what they did together in just six months is part of history, and they shut the doubters.

Neymar spoke about that and more on his great interview. Here's a few highlights:

How's the adaption process been?

I've adapted really well because everyone has helped me and made it really easy for me.

What are your goals for the future?

I want to keep playing like I do, to grow as a person and a football and to always win.

Is it more difficult this season after winning the treble?

The season after winning everything and scoring more than 100 goals is always more difficult, everyone is watching you and you have to do more than the year before.

What stays with you from last season?

The final of the Champions League. It was one of the happiest moments of my life, completing the treble and scoring in the final.

Your first year wasn't easy...

It started well, but after that it was bad because I had injuries and we lost the league at home [to Atletico Madrid on the final day of the season].

Barça can win the Champions League again?

We have a great team and we can win other Champions League and become the only team to win it consecutively [in the modern era]. We are going to try.

How's Neymar's life changed since he arrived in Barcelona?

I have changed a lot: my play, my life, but always for the best. I am really happy with everything on and off the pitch. My life away from football is spectacular and that always helps.

Are you happy?

Very. Brazilians are always happy, always making jokes song ourselves and I am happy because I think you have to live life, you can't be sad or bored.

They say it's not good to have so many stars in a team...

We surprised everyone with how well we got on (Messi and Suarez), I knew when they said we wouldn't get on, though that it wasn't going to be like that. Our relationship is one of friendship and we are happy on the pitch. Our relationship is one of friendship and happiness.

What do you ask for in 2016?

I hope to make history with Barcelona, to win spectacular things and do continue working hard.