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Potential injury concern for Barcelona as Gerard Piqué set to miss Spain UEFA Euro match

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Matthias Hangst/Getty Images

It is official: the Barcelona Injury Bug does travel to other countries in order to make appareances outside Blaugrana games.

The Spanish national team has already confirmed their spot in the 2016 UEFA Euro tournament in France, but they still have one more qualifying game on the schedule, on Monday against Ukraine. And one key member of the squad is likely to miss the game, as Gerard Piqué is expected to stay on the bench for the entire 90 minutes.

There is no official word from La Roja yet explaining why the Blaugrana star defender is probably out on Monday, and most of the journalists who cover the team say it's strictly a decision from coach Vicente Del Bosque, who doesn't want to risk any injuries for the players as they look set for a return to their clubs,

However, a few of those journalists also say that Del Bosque's decision is based on Piqué having a slight hamstring injury -- HEY, WE HAVEN'T SEEN THAT THIS SEASON, HAVE WE? -- that could turn into a serious issue if the Spaniard takes part in a match that he doesn't really need to.

Two things I'd like to ask here: 1. Please be wrong, you journalists; 2. Even if the journalists are right, please be smart and don't play him, Del Bosque.

I think we might change the name to HAMSTRINGELONA if this craziness continues.