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Lionel Messi reveals his pick of the next great Argentina superstar, who instantly becomes a Barcelona target

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Lintao Zhang/Getty Images

Lionel Messi apparently has the power to create transfer rumors by giving a simple interview.

The Barcelona superstar, currently recovering from a knee injury, spoke to Italian outlet Tuttosport this week and picked who in his opinion could become the next great Argentinian footballer after Messi's decline/retirement. Messi gave an honest, innocent response, picking Juventus star youngster Paulo Dybala as the new King of Argentina:

"Paulo is a great player and he has a bright future ahead of him. I have no doubt about it that people will talk about him a lot over the next few years."

Source: Tuttosport via FourFourTwo

And now, because of those few words, Dybala has been linked with a potential move to Catalonia in a few years, says the Mundo Deportivo, for instance. SPOILER ALERT: Dybala is not a transfer target. He's just a really good player who has taken Juve by storm and earned himself a call-up to the Albiceleste games during this international break.

Hey Messi, can you talk about Gundogan real quick? Just checking to see if this works or not.