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Neymar plays down extension talks: "There's still a lot of time for that"

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David Ramos/Getty Images

When the insane rumors regarding Barcelona superstar Neymar Jr. and a possible record-breaking transfer to Manchester United finally ended, many people thought this whole spectacle was just a plot by the player's entourage to get the Catalan giants to give him an huge raise and a contract extension.

Turns out it wasn't, and the Brazilian is not even thinking about a new deal right now.

After spending a couple of days off in Brazil this week, the Blaugrana striker returned to the Catalan capital to prepare for his team's return to the pitch after the international break, and was surrounded by a ridiculous amount of journalists and fans -- as is usually the case -- who wanted a word from Neymar. He spoke briefly and replied to one of the media members who asked him about a contract renewal. His answer was direct and simple:

"Of course I want to renew my contract, but there's still a lot of time to discuss that".

Source: Marca

Now this can be interpreted in two different ways, if you really want to stretch it out:

1. Neymar actually didn't want to play Barça into giving him a new deal, and since he has three years left on his current contract -- which gives him enough money to buy Ferrari's --, he'll sit down a discuss a very rich extension.

2. Neymar wants to go and therefore won't sign an extension becaus...

Well, let's just stick to Option 1.