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Barcelona official explains Luis Enrique's decision to choose Gerard Gumbau over Sergi Samper

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David Ramos/Getty Images

One of the most discussed topics of this young Barcelona season, even with all the injuries and defensive problems, has been the controversial decision by coach Luis Enrique to leave promising Barça B midfielder Sergi Samper in the Spanish third division, choosing instead to call underperforming Gerard Gumbau, who has played very few minutes, and isn't as good a player as Samper.

With Barça's injuries being mostly on the midfield, many have screamed for Samper's promotion to the first team, at least until January, but Enrique looks firm in his position to leave the Spaniard, who's being linked with a move to Arsenal, on the youth squad for now, rather giving Gumbau the opportunity to be with the big boys.

It is hard to understand Enrique's choice, but at least we've been given a bit of an explanation from Pep Segura, director of the B team:

I'm trying to be nice here and doing my best to accept that reasoning, but I just can't. If Lucho already knows Samper, why not give the kid a chance? And after working with Gumbau for two damn months, he must know that he can't do anything special. Now that you know Gumbau, make the switch and give Samper the opportunity to shine, like he should.

What do you think of Segura's quote, Blaugranes?