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Barcelona star Dani Alves says Pedro Rodríguez should not have joined Chelsea

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David Ramos/Getty Images

As more Barcelona players speak out, more we learn that they're not happy about losing Pedro Rodríguez.

The Spanish forward, who just completed two months at his new club, English giants Chelsea, decided to leave the Blaugrana to get more minutes elsewhere after coach Luis Enrique decided to put him on the bench as a backup to the 'MSN' trio. His departure wasn't celebrated by his former teammates, since Pedrito was a deeply respected and liked man on the Barça dressing room.

In fact, a few of them, like legendary full-back Dani Alves, tried to convince Pedro to stay when they learned about his decision.

"I told Pedro he should have stayed at the team but too many people got involved. Had he stayed he would have been happy here but we don't make the decisions. If we did I would want him to stay for years."

Source: Mirror

Pedro seems to be loving the move and his adaptation with the Blues, which is good news since we're all grateful for what he did with the Catalan giants. But it is interesting that he wanted minutes at Catalonia and he could have them now because of the injuries.

This sport is crazy.