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Luis Suárez says Barcelona "lack intensity" this season

Alex Caparros/Getty Images

Barcelona superstar striker Luis Suárez is worried about his team's start this season. Even though it hasn't been a disaster so far, with the squad grinding out some wins amid a wave of injuries to key players, painful losses and discouraging performances have been the theme of this young campaign, and the Uruguayan star wants things to change.

In an interview with Catalan TV, El Pistolero spoke about Barça's difficult start, and criticized the squad for a "lack of intensity" during games, but he believes there's still times to turn things around, just like last season. He also talked about the injury to his 'MSN' partner Lionel Messi, and called the Argentinian "irreplaceable".

Here's a few highlights of Suárez's quotes:

Lacking punch

"We don't have the same intensity that we had last year, but okay... last season at the start, we won the games and you felt that we were there. The second half, however, was where we were spectacular."

Messi, irreplaceable

"Obviously with Leo it's a lot easier, bur without him we have to try and make it easy still, and each one should be responsible for their work and doing it in the best way possible. Nobody will want to replace him because he's irreplaceable."

I don't like the whistles

"One doesn't like to be whistled for nothing, in any sense. It was wonderful when we won the treble, when we won the European Super Cup, and now, for losing one or two games, they start to judge the team for a few things, I think it makes no sense."

Source: Diario Sport