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Report: Tottenham Hotspur set to make offer for Barcelona striker

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David Ramos/Getty Images

It appears that Barcelona is not only looking to buy players in the upcoming transfer window. They might sell a few as well.

According to reports from Diario Sport in its printed edition, the Blaugrana club could be looking to move young striker Sandro Ramírez away from Camp Nou in the winter transfer period. The 20-year-old was promoted to the first team this season, but has struggled to find significant playing time, falling behind Munir El-Haddadi in the battle to become the first-choice backup to the 'MSN' trio.

The coaching staff believes in the player, but feel like he needs experience and could be looking at a transfer deal that includes a buy-back clause. Sandro's agent started looking for a few landing spots in the Premier League, and he found interest in Premier League contenders Tottenham Hotspur, says the report. Spurs are looking for a backup to star striker Harry Kane, but were unable to find during the summer transfer period. They will likely continue their search in January, and Sandro appears to be their choice.

According to the report, Barça wants a €10 million fee for Sandro. That income could be helpful since the Blaugrana want to sign a high-quality player in the next window for the lowest possible price. If the deal happens, the Catalan giants would include a buy-back clause in the transfer agreement, giving them the priority to bring Sandro back for a lower fee whenever they decide.

What do you think, Blaugranes? Should Barça sell Sandro?